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Alitravel is an online travel agent with the aim of comparing millions of offers to destinations worldwide.
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Credit cards: VisaCard, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard Debit, Visa Debit
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Invoice: no
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electronic cash (EC): no
Other: Credit card payment: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard will incur a fee. Debit card payment is free of charge. Paypal payment fee.

alitravel - popular flights

with: British Airways (BA2713, BA2715), easyJet (U28604, U28610, U28608, U28606, U28602), Monarch Airlines (ZB0737)
with: FlyBE (BE0328, BE0326, BE0322, BE0324)
with: Aegean Airlines (A30604, A30594, A30596, A30598)
with: British Airways (BA2648)
with: Belle Air (LZ0556)
with: easyJet (U27423, U27421)
with: easyJet (U25087, U25085), American Airlines (AA6331, AA6324, AA6329), British Airways (BA0640, BA0632, BA0638)
with: British Airways (BA0984, BA0990, BA0986, BA0982, BA0988), American Airlines (AA6596, AA6594, AA6473)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK2254, TK2256, TK2252, TK2258)
with: British Airways (BA2649, BA2651)
with: Monarch Airlines (ZB0757, ZB0753, ZB0759, ZB0751), easyJet (U28846), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1515, MT1545), Thomson Airways (BY0863)
with: easyJet (U28748), Thomson Airways (BY4283, BY4731, BY4529, BY4207, BY4237, BY4749), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1239)
with: Monarch Airlines (ZB0827), Thomson Airways (BY0509, BY0637, BY0343)
with: British Airways (BA0953, BA0957, BA0951, BA0947), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH2476, LH2480, LH2478), American Airlines (AA6540)
with: easyJet (U22176, U22172, U22174, U22178), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS6485, VS6484)
with: British Airways (BA2731), Monarch Airlines (ZB0285, ZB0287, ZB0897), easyJet (U28706, U28704), Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY2435), Thomson Airways (BY4745)
with: Tarom (RO0395)
with: Jetairfly (TB1651, TB5847)
with: Tarom (RO0396)