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Ctrip is a website that gives customers the opportunity to book cheap travel online. The company specialises in travel from and to China as well as domestic Chinese flights.

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with: British Airways (BA484, BA480, BA2708, BA472, BA482), Japan Airlines (JL7743, JL7161), Vueling Airlines (VY7841)
with: British Airways (BA634, BA632, BA638, BA640), Japan Airlines (JL7721), American Airlines (AA6324, AA6326), easyJet (U28087)
with: Wizz Air (W62504, W62502)
with: British Airways (BA438, BA442, BA440, BA434, BA428), Japan Airlines (JL7105, JL7103), American Airlines (AA6452)
with: easyJet (U28117, U28113, U28115)
with: British Airways (BA2594, BA2592), easyJet (U28567, U22383, U28565), TUI Airways (BY4722), Wizz Air UK (W98117)
with: Azores Airlines (S48607, S48613), easyJet (U28717, U28719), TAP Air Portugal (TP1339, TP1337, TP339), Air Baltic (BT5314)
with: Air Serbia (JU381, JU387), Montenegro Airlines (YM4815), Etihad Airways (EY6025, EY6013), Wizz Air (W64002)
with: British Airways (BA2697, BA2693, BA2695, BA2683), easyJet (U28918, U28914, U28916, U28926)
with: British Airways (BA74), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS412, VS652)
with: Wizz Air UK (W94494), easyJet (U22366, U22368, U22370, U22374)
with: Wizz Air (W64001)
with: Wizz Air UK (W94466)
with: Wizz Air (W62503, W62501)