Information on was founded as skypicker in April 2012 in the Czech Republic. The website enables customers to find and book the cheapest flights. By integrating a search for low-cost flights and the more traditional scheduled flight search, manages to find the cheapest option quickly and efficiently. The company checks prices from a variety of airlines including Wizz Air, Ryanair, Air Asia and Jestar for example.

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with: Air Canada (AC6198, AC6186, AC6200), Austrian Airlines (OS452, OS458), United Airlines (UA9846), Japan Airlines (JL7729), British Airways (BA706)
with: Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG405, BG603, BG605, BG247, BG401, BG601), US-Bangla Airlines (BS131, BS133)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW106, AW110, AW116, AW124, AW126, AW128, AW100, AW118)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW101, AW107, AW119, AW127, AW111, AW117, AW125, AW129)
with: Fly540 (5H407, 5H409, 5H1407, 5H1409), Jambojet (JM8652, JM8656), Kenya Airways (KQ654, KQ8652)
with: Air Malta (KM515, KM513), Austrian Airlines (OS8711, OS8713), Air Baltic (BT6072, BT6073), Wizz Air (W62819)
with: Azimuth (A4301), Pobeda Airline (DP156, DP160), Turkish Airlines (TK9071), UTair Aviation (UT524, UT536, UT588, UT576)
with: (LS1406), easyJet (U23112, U23114, U23116), Iberia (IB7740), British Airways (BA2292, BA2336)
with: British Airways (BA2763, BA2765, BA2759, BA2761), American Airlines (AA6647, AA6645), easyJet (U28880, U28870)
with: Ukraine International Airlines (PS113, PS111), TAP Air Portugal (TP8228)
with: easyJet (U28748, U28746), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1227, MT1135, MT1383, MT1127), TUI Airways (BY4207, BY4529)
with: Wizz Air UK (W97791)
with: British Airways (BA649, BA655), easyJet (U28752, U22372, U28758), (LS1490), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1027, MT1727)
with: Wizz Air UK (W94466)