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Sun and beach

Why not escape the cold and book a flight to the sun? As temperatures plummet and days shorten many of us dream of heading to the beach. So ditch the winter coat, gloves and scarf, and book your flight to warmer climes.

Last minute holidays

If there is a maximum period of two weeks between booking a flight and the start of the journey, this clearly falls into the popular last minute category. With a bit of spontaneity it's not just possible to find great flight deals, but also to have a fantastic holiday at the spur of the moment.

Cheap long haul flights

At least once in a lifetime a long-haul holiday is a must for all, if only to savour the experience of finding yourself millions of miles from home, far from the daily routine, exploring distant cultures and unknown territories. Memories for a lifetime are guaranteed.

City breaks

City trips are becoming more popular day by day – whether for singles, couples, families or a group of friends – a trip to a city in Europe or even further afield guarantees a change of scene, adventure and relaxation.

Flexible short breaks

We all know the scenario: work and the day-to-day trot get on top of you and before you know it another month has passed without leaving a trace. Fancy a change of scene?

Weekend breaks

Whether a last minute decision or the result of careful long-term planning, a weekend break is the perfect opportunity to unwind for a while and escape the stress of everyday life.