Information on ebookers is an online travel agency that was founded under its current name in 1998. The company was a leader in the travel sector even before this date under the name of Flighbookers Ltd., which then went on to become the first online travel agent in the United Kingdom. ebookers is now part of the Expedia group of travel brands and allows customers to book flights and a number of other travel options such as hotels and rental cars online.
Methods of Payment
Credit cards: American Express, VisaCard, MasterCard, Diners Club, Visa Electron, Maestro, Visa Debit
Direct debit: no
ePayment: no
Cash: no
Invoice: no
Paypal: yes
electronic cash (EC): no
Other: Please note that ebookers charge 1.5% of the total booking cost for credit card payments.

ebookers - popular flights

with: American Airlines (AA6344, AA6336), British Airways (BA0734, BA0738, BA0726), Swiss International Air Lines (LX0357, LX0359, LX0349)
with: American Airlines (AA6663, AA6661), British Airways (BA0257, BA0143), IBERIA (IB4760), Air India (AI0112, AI0116), Air Canada (AC6008)
with: United Airways (Bangladesh) (4H0573), Jet Airways (India) (9W0273), Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG0091, BG0093, BG0095), Air India (AI0229)
with: Air India (AI0112)
with: British Airways (BA2546)
with: Monarch Airlines (ZB0234, ZB0238), easyJet (U28683, U28681), Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY2438), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1026), Thomson Airways (BY4766), British Airways (BA2732)
with: British Airways (BA2709, BA2707), easyJet (U28572, U28574, U28576, U28578), IBERIA (IB4693, IB4681)
with: Air France (AF5020, AF5022, AF5024, AF5018, AF5026, AF5028)
with: easyJet (U28624, U28628, U28626, U28632), Monarch Airlines (ZB0227, ZB0229, ZB0225), Thomson Airways (BY4601)
with: British Airways (BA2731), Monarch Airlines (ZB0285, ZB0287), easyJet (U28706, U28704, U28708), Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY2435), Thomson Airways (BY4745)
with: British Airways (BA1483, BA1493, BA1477, BA1495, BA1489), American Airlines (AA6441), airberlin (AB5169), IBERIA (IB7529)
with: easyJet (U21932, U21934), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT2413)
with: British Airways (BA2158, BA2258), Caribbean Airlines (BW0902)
with: British Airways (BA0984, BA0990, BA0986, BA0982, BA0988), American Airlines (AA6596, AA6594, AA6473)
with: easyJet (U28567, U28565), British Airways (BA2594), Thomson Airways (BY4722)