Information on Expedia

Expedia: the large online travel agent, Expedia, has country specific websites in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy. Since December 2001, the company has also become active in France - initially in cooperation with the SNCF. In the course of 2004 it has been operating its own web travel agency there. There are also websites in the USA and Canada.

Expedia’s modern website provides local, competent and up-to-date travel information and also makes it possible to book all flights and journeys on offer online straight away, at all times of the day and night. Anyone may at any time find information on offers and deals available and purchase their journey directly online. Extensive information is also available about travel destinations, enabling passengers to prepare for their journey and helping customers to choose as well as plan their trip.
Methods of Payment
Credit cards: American Express, VisaCard, MasterCard, Diners Club, Visa Electron, Maestro
Direct debit: no
ePayment: no
Cash: no
Invoice: no
Paypal: yes
electronic cash (EC): no
Other: cannot accept Electron cards, Solo cards, cash, personal cheques, bank cheques or bank drafts. Partial payment programme. Card fees per airline:

Expedia - popular flights

with: British Airways (BA2632, BA2630, BA2634), Iberia (IB7636, IB7634), easyJet (U28661, U28663, U28667)
with: American Airlines (AA6753, AA6445), British Airways (BA51, BA57, BA55), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS461), Air Canada (AC6852), Finnair (AY5945)
with: (LS1445)
with: Finnair (AY5539, AY5447), British Airways (BA2039, BA2037), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS27, VS15), Delta Air Lines (DL4408), Norwegian Air UK (DI7057)
with: Iberia (IB5868), Vueling Airlines (VY1398)
with: (LS1664, LS1494), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1067, MT1285, MT1117), TUI Airways (BY5275, BY5553)
with: (LS1496), TUI Airways (BY5765), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1191)
with: (LS1406), easyJet (U23112, U23114, U23116), Iberia (IB7740), British Airways (BA2292, BA2336)
with: British Airways (BA2256), Iberia (IB7623)
with: British Airways (BA883)
with: (LS1449), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1720), TUI Airways (BY5360, BY5644)
with: British Airways (BA2552), (LS1469), easyJet (U28763, U28761, U22351), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1178), TUI Airways (BY4470, BY5448)
with: Iberia (IB7550), American Airlines (AA6736, AA6724), British Airways (BA1344, BA1346), Qantas Airways (QF3577, QF3573), Qatar Airways (QR5908)
with: (LS1469), TUI Airways (BY5448, BY5768)