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TUI fly is Germany's third largest airline after Lufthansa and Air Berlin. The airline is owned by the travel agent TUI AG, which was founded in 1968, and has its headquarters in Hanover.

TUI fly's fleet has existed in its new form since 2007 and is a merger of Hapag-Lloyd Flug (Hapagfly), which is responsible for flight operations, and Hapag-Lloyd Express (HLX), which is in charge of its product districution. The name of the airline was finally changed to become the single airline brand TUI fly in May 2010.

TUI fly's internet booking website offers a detailed route map of TUI fly flights. In addition, it also shows the flight routes of airberlin, Germanwings, Condor, Germania, Air Mauritius, Air VIA, Atlasjet, Freebird, Hello, InterSky, Oman Air, Pegasus, Sun Express, Transavia and XL Airways Germany. It is therefore possible to choose from more than 200 flight destinations to over 50 countries from a large number of European departure airports.

The group's portfolio also includes Thomson Flights, TUI fly Nordic, Jetairfly, Corsairfly, Jet4you and Arkefly.

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with: Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI3701, EI3709)
with: British Airways (BA8857, BA8853, BA8859), Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI3257, EI3253, EI3259), Etihad Airways (EY7922, EY7951)
with: Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI231, EI249, EI237, EI247), British Airways (BA5901, BA5919, BA5907, BA5917)
with: British Airways (BA836, BA826, BA834, BA838, BA824), S7 Airlines (S74709), American Airlines (AA6770), Japan Airlines (JL7825)
with: Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI3351, EI3353, EI3355), Etihad Airways (EY5164), British Airways (BA8891, BA8895, BA8893)
with: Pakistan International Airlines (PK786), British Airways (BA261)
with: British Airways (BA8923, BA8991, BA8921), Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI3243, EI3245, EI3241), Etihad Airways (EY7882, EY5160)
with: British Airways (BA8883, BA8885, BA8887), Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI3283, EI3285, EI3287), Etihad Airways (EY7888, EY7902)
with: Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI3833)
with: Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI3843, EI3849)
with: Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI3931), Etihad Airways (EY7913), British Airways (BA8925)
with: Air Canada (AC6915, AC6911, AC6913), British Airways (BA5925, BA5923, BA5927), Aer Lingus Irish Airlines (EI725), Etihad Airways (EY7923)
with: Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS8202), British Airways (BA6116), flybe (BE804, BE2182, BE2184, BE2186, BE2188), Emirates Airline (EK4123)
with: Pakistan International Airlines (PK792)
with: Pakistan International Airlines (PK710)
with: Westjet (WS4), Emirates Airline (EK4719), Air Canada (AC849, AC859, AC857), Finnair (AY5999), British Airways (BA99), Iberia (IB7341)
with: British Airways (BA2936, BA2946, BA2944, BA2940, BA2942), Iberia (IB7669), American Airlines (AA6247), easyJet (U2811)