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Information on Iberia

Iberia is a Spanish airline and one of the most important airlines in Europe. It is a member of the one world alliance, which also includes American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and British Airways. Iberia is therefore able to offer flights to 800 different destinations worldwide in conjunction with this alliance.

Routes from Europe to South America are particularly significant for Iberia. Most non-stop flights are operated from its hub in Madrid. Altogether, regular routes are operated to more than 100 destinations in 40 countries.

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Iberia - popular flights

with: British Airways (BA2648, BA2650)
with: Cathay Pacific Airways (CX354, CX250, CX256, CX238, CX252, CX254), British Airways (BA27, BA31)
with: easyJet (U27415, U27417)
with: easyJet (U27421)
with: Cathay Pacific Airways (CX250, CX256, CX238, CX252, CX254), British Airways (BA27, BA31), Virgin Australia (VA5342)
with: Wizz Air (W62504, W62502)
with: Wizz Air (W67702)
with: British Airways (BA866, BA870), Japan Airlines (JL6547, JL7123, JL7125), easyJet (U28423, U28425), Qantas Airways (QF3504)
with: British Airways (BA662, BA664, BA672, BA2672), American Airlines (AA6394, AA6761), (LS1495), easyJet (U28965)
with: British Airways (BA852, BA856, BA858, BA860), Japan Airlines (JL6541, JL7723, JL7855), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX7123)
with: (LS1271), TUI Airways (BY7722, BY7352, BY7458, BY7622, BY7638), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1902)
with: (LS1495), TUI Airways (BY5764), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1190)
with: (LS195)
with: easyJet (U21801, U21803), (LS887)
with: (LS787)
with: Singapore Airlines (SQ2149, SQ2145), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH959, LH955, LH953), United Airlines (UA9569, UA9562), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH5868)
with: British Airways (BA912, BA902, BA916, BA904, BA910), Japan Airlines (JL7873, JL7821), American Airlines (AA6498)
with: Deutsche Lufthansa (LH943, LH947, LH949), United Airlines (UA9549), Austrian Airlines (OS7366, OS7374), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH5866), South African Airways (SA7507)
with: easyJet (U26961)