Information on airberlin

airberlin is Germany’s second largest airline after Lufthansa. It is based in Berlin, Germany, and operates extensive low-cost services to holiday destinations around the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and North Africa, as well as to major cities in Europe from 16 German airports as well as a number of UK airports such as Manchester, London, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Its main base is at Berlin-Tegel International Airport, but it also maintains hubs at Nuremberg Airport, London Stansted Airport and Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma de Mallorca.

Airberlin also operates direct flights from many UK airports to popular holiday destinations in Greece, Spain and Italy as well as North Africa.
Methods of Payment
Credit cards: American Express, VisaCard, MasterCard, AirPlus, Diners Club, Universal-Air-Travel-Plan (UATP)
Direct debit: no
ePayment: no
Cash: no
Invoice: no
Paypal: yes
electronic cash (EC): no
Other: A payment charge of approx. £8 per person and booking applies. Payment by direct debit is only possible with a German/Austrian bank account.

airberlin - popular flights

with: IBERIA (IB7538), Singapore Airlines (SQ0319, SQ0317, SQ0305, SQ0321), British Airways (BA0011), Virgin Australia (VA5557, VA5687)
with: Singapore Airlines (SQ0921, SQ0919, SQ0915), Philippine Airlines (PR0501, PR0511, PR0507, PR0503), Tigerair (TR2729)
with: Singapore Airlines (SQ0447), Tigerair (TR2657, TR2655), Virgin Australia (VA5660), Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG0084)
with: Singapore Airlines (SQ0327), Virgin Australia (VA5677), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS7327)
with: IBERIA (IB7538), Singapore Airlines (SQ0319, SQ0317, SQ0305, SQ0321), British Airways (BA0011), Virgin Australia (VA5557, VA5687)
with: Thai Airways (TG0418, TG0416, TG4752), Malaysia Airlines (MH0780, MH0782, MH9149, MH0788), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH0783)
with: Philippine Airlines (PR0736, PR0730, PR0732), CEBU Pacific Air (5J0929, 5J0931), Thai Airways (TG0621, TG0625), Kuwait Airways (KU0412)
with: El Al Israel Airlines (LY0081, LY0083), Thai Airways (TG4584, TG4586)
with: Bangkok Airways (PG0746), Thai Airways (TG0322), Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG0088), United Airways (Bangladesh) (4H0535, 4H0587), Druk Air (KB0126)
with: IBERIA (IB7618), British Airways (BA0009), Thai Airways (TG0911, TG0917), EVA Airways (BR0068), Air Canada (AC6124)
with: Tiger Airways Philippines (DG7212)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK1998, TK1982)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK1986, TK1980, TK1988, TK1990), Air New Zealand (NZ3203), British Airways (BA0678, BA0676), American Airlines (AA6613)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK0791, TK0787, TK0785, TK0795, TK0793, TK0789), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH8340, LH8341)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK0763, TK0761, TK6377), Air Canada (AC6685), Emirates Airline (EK0123, EK0121), Qantas Airways (QF8123, QF8121)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK0967, TK0965, TK0963, TK0961, TK0969), AtlasJet (KK5111, KK1043), Onur Air (8Q0293)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK0709), Air Canada (AC6715), United Airlines (UA7772)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK1996, TK1994)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK1986, TK1980, TK1988, TK1990, TK1998), Air New Zealand (NZ3203), British Airways (BA0678), American Airlines (AA6613)