Information on Travel2be

Travel2be has 15 years experience in the travel business. The online travel agent aims to offer customer cheap tickets to a wide range of destinations. Flights, car rentals and hotels are all part of the company's repertoire. The company is based in Madrid, Spain and has websites in a vast number of countries throughout Europe.
Methods of Payment
Credit cards: American Express, VisaCard, MasterCard, Diners Club, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard Debit, Visa Debit
Direct debit: no
ePayment: no
Cash: no
Invoice: no
Paypal: no
electronic cash (EC): no

Travel2be - popular flights

with: Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG202, BG2)
with: Finnair (AY5479, AY5513, AY5515), British Airways (BA179, BA115, BA113), Jet Airways (India) (9W5812, 9W5814)
with: Iberia (IB7330), American Airlines (AA6414), British Airways (BA78)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW106, AW110, AW116, AW124, AW126, AW128, AW100, AW118)
with: British Airways (BA2649, BA2651)
with: British Airways (BA2062, BA2068), Iberia (IB7603), TUI Airways (BY59)
with: British Airways (BA677, BA675), Turkish Airlines (TK1983), bmi regional (BM6360), Air Canada (AC6701), United Airlines (UA6916), AtlasGlobal (KK2001), American Airlines (AA6612)
with: American Airlines (AA6669), British Airways (BA35)
with: Loganair (LM336, LM396), British Airways (BA4006, BA4066), bmi regional (BM7287, BM7308)