Vienna Airport

10 Flight routes to & from Vienna (VIE)

Flight London Heathrow (LHR) - Vienna (VIE)
Air Canada (AC6198, AC6186, AC6200), Austrian Airlines (OS452, OS458), United Airlines (UA9846), Japan Airlines (JL7729), British Airways (BA706)
Flight London (LON) - Vienna (VIE)
Air Canada (AC6198, AC6186, AC6200), Austrian Airlines (OS452, OS458), United Airlines (UA9846), Japan Airlines (JL7729), British Airways (BA706)
Flight Dubai (DXB) - Vienna (VIE)
Malaysia Airlines (MH4591, MH4589), Emirates Airline (EK127, EK125), Qantas Airways (QF8125, QF8127)
Flight Edinburgh (EDI) - Vienna (VIE)
easyJet (U26935), (LS851)
Flight Tel Aviv (TLV) - Vienna (VIE)
Austrian Airlines (OS862, OS860, OS858), El Al Israel Airlines (LY363, LY361), TAP Air Portugal (TP8886), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH5620), Wizz Air (W62812)
Flight London Gatwick (LGW) - Vienna (VIE)
easyJet (U28953, U28955, U28951, U28959, U28957), British Airways (BA2658)
Flight Vienna (VIE) - London Heathrow (LHR)
British Airways (BA697, BA699), Japan Airlines (JL7864), Air Canada (AC6199, AC6187, AC6201), Austrian Airlines (OS451), United Airlines (UA9845)
Flight Vienna (VIE) - London Gatwick (LGW)
easyJet (U28954, U28956, U28952, U28960, U28958), British Airways (BA2659)
Flight Vienna (VIE) - Tokyo Narita (NRT)
ANA All Nippon Airways (NH6326), Austrian Airlines (OS51)
Flight Vienna (VIE) - London (LON)
British Airways (BA697, BA699), Japan Airlines (JL7864), Air Canada (AC6199, AC6187, AC6201), Austrian Airlines (OS451), United Airlines (UA9845)

Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport, which carries the official name Vienna-Schwechat International Airport, is the largest and most important airport in the central European Republic of Austria. It is in the city of Vienna in the district of Schwechat and is the main hub of Austrian Airlines, and Eurowings. With a total of more than 17 million passengers a year, since the fall of the Iron Curtain it has been an important hub for international Eastern European scheduled air services. Flights between Vienna and London are amongst the busiest routes at this airport.
  • URL: Vienna (VIE)
  • Time zone: GMT 1
  • Service telephone: +43 1 7007-0
  • Address: Vienna International Airport, Postfach 1, A-1300 Wien - Flughafen, Österreich
  • Operating company: Flughafen Wien AG
  • Parking: yes, paid parking: about 23,000 short-and long-term spaces.
  • Nearby cities: Wien (18 km), Bratislava (41 km), Újtelep (93 km)
  • Directions by car: Motorway A4 / E 58; B9
  • Stations: With the CAT or the S-Bahn line 7 from / to Vienna central station: Wien-Mitte.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (15.09%), Tuesday (13.61%), Wednesday (14.37%), Thursday (14.47%), Friday (15.38%), Saturday (13.26%), Sunday (13.82%)
  • Alternative spelling: Wien (Vienna)-Vienna Int'l, Vienne, Wiedeń, Beč, Виена, Viena, Vídeň, Vjena, Dunaj, Vyana, Viin, Vīne, Viyana, Viên, Bécs, Wenen, Вена, Беч, Відень, Βιέννη, וינה, Վիեննա, 維也納, वियना, ウィーン, 維也納, เวียนนา, ვენა, ভিয়েনা, 빈, ویآنا, وین, فيينا

Most popular destinations from Vienna (Flights per week )

  1. Frankfurt-Main (160, 3,45 %)
  2. Amsterdam Schiphol (120, 2,58 %)
  3. Dusseldorf (110, 2,37 %)
  4. London Heathrow (110, 2,37 %)
  5. Paris - Charles de Gaulle (106, 2,28 %)
  6. Hamburg (104, 2,24 %)
  7. Brussels (102, 2,20 %)
  8. Zurich (Zürich)-Kloten (96, 2,07 %)
  9. Munich (94, 2,02 %)
  10. Berlin Brandenburg (90, 1,94 %)
  11. other (76.48 %)

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. Austrian Airlines (4571, 49,17 %)
  2. Ryanair (1462, 15,73 %)
  3. Wizz Air (723, 7,78 %)
  4. Eurowings (372, 4,00 %)
  5. Lufthansa (240, 2,58 %)
  6. British Airways (224, 2,41 %)
  7. Air France (192, 2,07 %)
  8. KLM (128, 1,38 %)
  9. Iberia (100, 1,08 %)
  10. Brussels Airlines (92, 0,99 %)
  11. other (12.81 %)

First in use in 1954, the airport is in Vienna-Schwechat, about 18 km or 12 miles southeast of Vienna and about 45 km or 30 miles west of Bratislava. Motorists can reach the airport terminal on the A4 motorway or the federal road 9.

Between Wien-Mitte main station in Vienna and the airport, the City Airport Train (CAT) operates a regular service, the trip takes about 15 minutes. Alternatively, passengers may take the S Bahn line 7; although this takes about 8 minutes longer to the airport, it costs less than half the price of the CAT.

From Vienna West or South Station, Schwedenplatz / Morsinplatz or the UNO City (VIC), a shuttle service is operated by the "Vienna Airport Lines" (ÖBB). International buses to the airport operate from Budapest, Bratislava, Brno and Prague. All current departure times are available locally or on the Internet.

The airport is in the town of Schwechat and was built in 1938, shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, as an air base of the former Austrian fighter pilot school. This was housed there until 1945, when some parts of the airport site were used as a concentration camp. After the capitulation of the German Wehrmacht, British allies took over the area until 1954. The airfield in Schwechat then replaced Aspen as the most important air traffic hub in Austria.

Only as late as 1955, after gaining independence and full sovereignty, was a Vienna airport operating company finally established to manage the airport. That same year, the existing runway was extended to 2,000 m and only five years later, further extended to measure 3000 m. A year later in 1960, a new terminal building, now known as Terminal , was also added. Due to rapid growth, a second runway was planned in 1962. However, the Austrian Ministry of Transport only accepted the application in 1972.

As a result of thorough planning and a fair amount of luck due to being an important political link between the East and West of Europe, the airport was able to demonstrate rising passenger numbers during the next decade, and the airport area was therefore further developed. Work included a hangar building for Austrian Airlines, an underground airport station, a cargo hall that is important to this day and a convenience store area in the transit area.

In 1982, a link was established to the eastern motorway A4 / E58, which with only one turn-off leads directly to Bratislava and Budapest. This lead to a further surge in popularity for the airport. Since 1990 and the changing political situation in Central Europe, along with the EU's eastward enlargement, passenger and cargo numbers have increased enormously. Many major global enterprises use Vienna-Schwechat as an airport to transport products and goods to former Warsaw Pact countries. The last major change at the airport was the construction of the new control tower in 2005. Measuring 109 m, it is currently the tallest tower in Europe.

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