Munich Airport

9 Flight routes to & from Munich (MUC)

Flight Manchester (MAN) - Munich (MUC)
Deutsche Lufthansa (LH2503, LH2501), Austrian Airlines (OS7376, OS7350, OS7358), South African Airways (SA7575), United Airlines (UA8753), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH5427)
Flight London Heathrow (LHR) - Munich (MUC)
British Airways (BA960, BA956, BA948, BA952, BA954), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX7163), American Airlines (AA6386), Japan Airlines (JL7713)
Flight Edinburgh (EDI) - Munich (MUC)
Deutsche Lufthansa (LH2583, LH5467), Eurowings (EW1713), easyJet (U26911, U26913)
Flight London (LON) - Munich (MUC)
British Airways (BA960, BA956, BA948, BA952, BA954), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX7163), American Airlines (AA6386), Japan Airlines (JL7713)
Flight Birmingham (BHX) - Munich (MUC)
Deutsche Lufthansa (LH2513, LH2511, LH2509, LH2603), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH5425)
Flight Munich (MUC) - London Heathrow (LHR)
British Airways (BA961, BA949, BA953, BA957, BA947, BA951), American Airlines (AA6476), Japan Airlines (JL7796)
Flight Munich (MUC) - London (LON)
British Airways (BA961, BA949, BA953, BA957, BA947, BA951), American Airlines (AA6476), Japan Airlines (JL7796)
Flight London City (LCY) - Munich (MUC)
British Airways (BA3291, BA3295, BA3293)
Flight London Gatwick (LGW) - Munich (MUC)
easyJet (U28981, U28983, U28985)

Munich Airport

Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC) more popularly called just Munich Airport, since 1992 has been the new airport of the capital of Bavaria, Munich. The airport is named after the former federal prime minister Franz-Josef Strauß.. Due to its attractive location and modern technology, the airport is now Luthansa’s second hub after Frankfurt airport. By passenger numbers, the airport is at place seven in Europe. In 2006, it was also voted one of the best airports in Europe by the British Consulting company Skytrax. In 2008, the airport received the prize for the fourth time in a row.
  • URL: Official website
  • Time zone: GMT 1
  • Service telephone: +49 89 975-00
  • Address: Flughafen München, Nordallee 25, Postfach 23 17 55, D-85356 München
  • Operating company: Flughafen München GmbH
  • Parking: Yes; paid short and long term parking
  • Nearby cities: München (27 km), Ingolstadt (53 km), Augsburg (67 km), Regensburg (77 km)
  • Directions by car: Motorway A92; national carriageway St2584 or the B11
  • Stations: Between the main station and the airport, the S-Bahn 2 and 8 operate a service alternating at 10 to 20 minute intervals. The journey takes about 40 minutes.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.99%), Tuesday (13.95%), Wednesday (13.94%), Thursday (14.26%), Friday (14.81%), Saturday (13.99%), Sunday (14.06%)
  • Alternative spelling: Muenchen (Munich)-Franz Josef Strauss, Franz Josef Strauß, Munich, Münhen, Minhen, Munic, Mnichov, Monaco di Baviera, Monachium, Munique, Münih, Munchen, Myunxen, Munîh, Miunchenas, Minhene, Miunchenas, Мюнхэн, Мүнхен, Минхен, Мюнхен, Μόναχο, მიუნხენი, Մյունխեն, ميونخ, مونیخ, ميونيخ, میونخ, מינכן, 뮌헨, ሙኒክ, มิวนิก, ミュンヘン, 慕尼黑, মিউনিখ, म्यूनिख, म्युन्शेन, മ്യൂണിച്ച്

Most popular destinations from Munich (Flights per week )

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. Lufthansa (7832, 63,56 %)
  2. Air Dolomiti (608, 4,93 %)
  3. British Airways (376, 3,05 %)
  4. United Airlines (296, 2,40 %)
  5. Air France (296, 2,40 %)
  6. Eurowings (214, 1,74 %)
  7. KLM (188, 1,53 %)
  8. Condor (186, 1,51 %)
  9. Austrian Airlines (124, 1,01 %)
  10. easyJet (124, 1,01 %)
  11. other (16.86 %)

First used in 1992, the airport is about 30 km or 24 miles north east of Munich city centre. Motorists can reach the airport terminal via the A92/E53 motorway leaving at the exit "Flughafen München-Franz Josef Strauß" or on the national carriageway B11.

The S-Bahn lines S2 and S8 operate regularly between the main station and the airport, the journey takes about 40 minutes. MVV buses also stop at the airport, as do buses operated by other transport companies in the vicinity.

The history of the airport of the regional Bavarian capital began in 1912, when an airfield was founded in Oberschleißheim for the royal Bavarian flight patrol. This is still used by the air sports association, as well as by the air patrol of the federal police force and is the oldest airport in Germany still in use. In 1939, the airport was replaced by Riem airport (which had been under construction since 1936) in order to better be able to deal with the high numbers of passengers that could not be handled by the old airport in Oberschleißheim. For a few years, the airport was one of the most modern airports in the world. The passenger numbers in Riem increased steadily in the following years and in 1962 over 1 million passengers could be checked in annually in Munich. Due to the for that time extremely high passenger numbers, the Munich city administration in 1963 began to think about and look for a site for a new airport via the Öchsle Commission, as it was foreseeable that the airport in Riem could not deal with the high passenger numbers with its limited capacities, and that a second runway was not conceivable due to the resident population. The commission finally found a suitable area three years later on the former marshland of Erdinger Moos between the districts of Freising and Erding, and another in the Hofoldinger Forest, south of Munich and in the community of Brunnthal. As the latter consisted to a large extent of pine forest and was a very popular recreational area for the population of the city of Munich, the idea was dropped and the commission decided to build the airport in Erding and to resettle the community of 400 inhabitants. The construction of the airport began in the winter of 1980, but had to be interrupted for four years after only 5 months of building work because the Bavarian superior administrative court allowed the objection that the planned area of the airport was too large. Building work was finally begun again in 1984 and the airport’s inauguration could be celebrated in 1989. After the 78 m tower was erected in 1991 and the airport in Riem almost burst at the seams with a total of 12 million annual passengers, the complete move from the airport at Riem to the new airport was begun on 17th May 1992, after lengthy logistic planning. The airport was extremely successful right from the start due to being Lufthansa’s second hub. 11 years later, in the summer of 2003, a new terminal was opened. Now, the two terminals at Franz-Josef Strauss airport deal with more than 30 passengers a year.

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