Berlin Brandenburg Airport

8 Flight routes to & from Berlin (BER)

Flight Liverpool (LPL) - Berlin (BER)
easyJet (U27223, U27227)
Flight London Heathrow (LHR) - Berlin (BER)
British Airways (BA994, BA988, BA996, BA990), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX7185), American Airlines (AA6721), LATAM Chile (LA5551), Japan Airlines (JL7715)
Flight London Gatwick (LGW) - Berlin (BER)
easyJet (U28125, U28121, U28123, U28217, U28209, U28213)
Flight London Luton (LTN) - Berlin (BER)
easyJet (U22101, U22141, U22145, U22103, U22143)

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The new airport Berlin Brandenburg International Airport was officially opened on 31st October 2020. The airport uses the IATA code BER, which prior to the new airport`s completion was used to designate all Berlin airports (most recenty these included Tegel and Schönefeld).

Germany‘s capital, Berlin, now only has one international airport to be used for all flights operating in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Due to its location in central Europe, all important European destinations as well as the large airports in eastern Europe are within easy reach of Berlin Brandenburg Airport. There are plans to expand further to also include lucrative intercontinental routes.

Berlin Brandenburg is expected to become Germany's third largest airport after Frankfurt and Munich, as well as being an important hub for German and international airlines.

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is the most modern airport on the European continent, it carries the name of Willy Brandt, the former Chancellor of the German Federal Republic and also former mayor of Berlin.

Flughafen Tegel (TXL) in the northwest of the capital has been replaced by the new airport and, after its closure on 7.11.2020, will only be used to operate any flights if the need occurs for 6 months after this date. After this, housing projects as well as other developments will be constructed on the airport grounds.

The former airport Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF) has been integrated into Berlin Brandenburg airport and will from now on be Terminal 5.

  • URL: Official website
  • Time zone: GMT 1
  • Service telephone: +49 30 609 11150
  • Address: Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg, 12521 Berlin, Deutschland
  • Operating company: Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH
  • Parking: About 10,000 short and long-term parking spaces. At Terminals 1 and 2, these are divided into five modern multi-storey car parks and three ground-level car parks. At Terminal 5, one car park and three outdoor car parks. Free short-term parking spaces for pick-ups and drop-offs are available at both Terminal 1/2 and Terminal 5.
  • Nearby cities: Berlin (0 km), Potsdam (26 km)
  • Directions by car: Via the A113 motorway and the B96a (airport exit)
  • Stations: The airport has its own railway station: "Flughafen BER - Terminal 1-2" beneath Terminal 1 on level U2. Here, passengers can take the Airport Express, the train lines RE7, RB14, RB22 as well as the city train lines S9 and S45. Currently, only S-Bahn city trains stop stop at "Terminal 5" station.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.97%), Tuesday (14.33%), Wednesday (14.39%), Thursday (15.37%), Friday (15.01%), Saturday (12.05%), Sunday (13.87%)
  • Alternative spelling: Berlin Brandenburg International - BBI, Willy Brandt Airport, Berlyn, Berlinu, Barliń, Berlëno, Berliin, Berlyn, Berliini, Berlino, Berlynas, Berlīne, Berlijn, Berlim, Birlinu, Beirlín, Berleen, Berlien, Бэрлін, Берлин, Берлін, Βερολίνο, Βερολίνον, בערלין, ברלין, بيرلين, برلن, برلين, برلین, Բեռլին, ბერლინი, በርሊን, বার্লিন, बर्लिन, பெர்லின், เบอร์ลิน, ベルリン, 베를린, 柏林

Most popular destinations from Berlin Brandenburg (Flights per week )

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. easyJet (1304, 19,37 %)
  2. Eurowings (624, 9,27 %)
  3. British Airways (580, 8,62 %)
  4. Air France (368, 5,47 %)
  5. Lufthansa (362, 5,38 %)
  6. KLM (224, 3,33 %)
  7. Swiss International Air Lines (222, 3,30 %)
  8. Austrian Airlines (180, 2,67 %)
  9. Wizz Air (143, 2,12 %)
  10. Brussels Airlines (104, 1,55 %)
  11. other (38.92 %)

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is located about 20 km from the centre of Berlin in Schönefeld/Brandenburg, southeast of the city of Berlin.

The airport is easy to reach by car using the airport exit on the A113 motorway as well as being connected to the B96.

Passengers arriving by train also have a direct connection to the airport. The stations "Terminal 1-2" and "Terminal 5" are located under the new building and connected to the Airport Express FEX, regional trains RE7, RB14 and RB22, and S-Bahn (city trains) S9 and S45. There are also a number of express and other local bus services operated by the local public transport provider, BVG.

Passengers with longer stopovers at the airport will find a number of hotels and pensions on the airport grounds – one of these is the newly constructed Steigenberger Hotel in the Airport City, close to the airport terminal.


Berlin Brandenburg Airport was due to be opened and become Berlin's only airport back in October 2007. However, inauguration was postponed several times due to a number of planning errors, amongst others concerning fire safety and emergency issues.

Original plans to use the IATA code BBI (for Berlin Brandenburg International) also had to be dropped because, due delays in opening the airport, this code was then already in use for the Indian airport Bhubaneshwar.

During the building time, the immense construction site was the largest airport building site in Europe. The planned opening date in October 2011 also had to be postponed as a result of delays in completing the interior of the airport building.

The initial ceremony at the start of the construction was held in September 2006 by the former Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit, Brandenburg`s president Matthias Platzeck, the former director of the Deutsche Bahn AG Hartmut Mehdorn as well as the former Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Wolfgang Tiefensee.

The airport is situated on an area of 1470 hectares (equivalent to around 2000 football fields) and is estimated to have cost more than seven billion euros to construct.

As a result of growing passenger numbers at Berlin's airports in recent years, last around 22 million passengers per year, and ensuing capacity problems especially at Berlin Tegel airport, the need to rethink Berlin's airport infrastructure became unavoidable, in particular if predictions of further growth are to be believed.

The capital city's airport is designed to handle up to 46 million passengers a year. However, since construction plans were developed on a modular basis from the outset, there is a possibility of gradually increasing the new terminal`s capacity to allow for 58 million passengers annually.

According to current plans, Terminal 1 alone can handle approx. 6500 passengers per hour at peak times.

Terminal buildings 1 and 2 are located in the centre of of two parallel runways. The so-called "northern runway" was extended from 3000 to 3600 metres on completiion of the expansion project. The newly constructed "southern runway", on the other hand, has a length of 4000 metres. This means that even an Airbus A380, known as the "superjumbo", can take off and land in Berlin.


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