Get away from it all with our cheap deals for weekend breaks

Whether a last minute decision or the result of careful long-term planning, a weekend break is the perfect opportunity to unwind for a while and escape the stress of everyday life.

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London Heathrow Manchester 18:05 - Direct flight
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Newcastle London Heathrow 20:15 - Direct flight
London Heathrow Newcastle 21:05 - Direct flight
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The best offers for a weekend break

A weekend trip is especially satisfying when you have countless experiences, adventures and impressions to take home with you. When you can turn up at work on Monday morning rested and relaxed despite having done so much that you are bursting with stories to tell your colleagues.

One popular weekend trip destination is Rome for example. The Italian capital city boasts so many sights and cultural treasures, and is romantic and inspiring at once, guaranteeing a perfect time for all.

Our recommended short weekend break destinations only include flight offers that are actually suitable for a short break, and which guarantee an optimum of relaxation and fun in a short space of time.

Flights for a perfect break – with or without children

Long gone are the times when the entire family piled into the car and spent the weekend in endless traffic jams playing I spy. Our cheap flight offers promise a stress-free family weekend away – you could be in Mallorca in no time for example, or in family-friendly Italy, or enjoying a weekend break with the family at Legoland in Billund, Denmark.

Weekend flights aren't only an excellent opportunity for a great family getaway, but also the perfect way to steal a few romantic hours with your partner, far from the rigmarole of everyday life. So leave the kids at the grandparents and get on the next plane. Plenty of romantic cities are within easy reach of home: Paris, Vienna or Prague to name just a few.

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