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Why not escape the cold and book a flight to the sun? As temperatures plummet and days shorten many of us dream of heading to the beach. So ditch the winter coat, gloves and scarf, and book your flight to warmer climes.

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Bargains to the sun

Around Christmas many of us yearn for some sun and start to plan our escape, not only to turn our backs on the cold dark days of winter, but also to flee from the stress of festive preparations. And flights to sun, beach, sand and sea are even cheaper than ever before. The question is, where to go? Flights on this page all serve destinations with warm temperatures, locations that guarantee relaxation and promise a respite from northern Europe's grey winter days.

Popular destinations in the winter season

Classic destinations in winter are of course Australia, New Zealand or countries in Africa such as South Africa or Namibia. Many South American countries, for example Brazil and Argentina, are also gaining in popularity. The sunny Middle East and tropical South East Asia have always been favourite winter escapes. Whether you are looking for an active holiday in the hills or a relaxing beach break – we have something to cater to all tastes.

Beach holiday in Thailand

Those on the lookout for the best beach holiday ever need look no further: Thailand is the perfect choice. Whether Phuket, Ko Phi Phi or Ko Samui – Thailand boasts pleasant temperatures of around 30°C all year round that are guaranteed to blast away the winter blues. Due to heavy rain during the monsoon season, we recommend scheduling your holiday to Thailand between the months of November and April. During this time you can make the most of the numerous unspoilt beaches on the countless islands. And sooner or later the atmosphere in Thailand will captivate everyone who goes. The Thai population is hospitable and will gladly give culinary tips for example. And living costs are low to boot.