Cheap long-haul deals

At least once in a lifetime a long-haul holiday is a must for all, if only to savour the experience of finding yourself millions of miles from home, far from the daily routine, exploring distant cultures and unknown territories. Memories for a lifetime are guaranteed.

- 37 %
04.07.2020 - 11.07.2020
London Gatwick New York 16:55 - Direct flight
New York London Gatwick 07:55 - Direct flight
Average price: £550
- 26 %
30.08.2020 - 29.09.2020
Manchester Entebbe 05:55 - 2 Stops
Entebbe Manchester 23:30 - 1 Stop
Average price: £490
- 26 %
19.07.2020 - 26.07.2020
London Heathrow New York 06:20 - 1 Stop
New York London Heathrow 17:13 - 1 Stop
Average price: £542
- 27 %
22.10.2020 - 20.11.2020
Manchester Bangkok 10:15 - 1 Stop
Bangkok Manchester 09:05 - 1 Stop
Average price: £594
- 19 %
04.12.2020 - 30.12.2020
London Heathrow Bangkok 08:50 - 1 Stop
Bangkok London Heathrow 13:05 - 1 Stop
Average price: £563
- 36 %
15.12.2020 - 12.01.2021
Manchester Phuket 18:00 - 2 Stops
Phuket Manchester 07:20 - 2 Stops
Average price: £1,065

Long-haul flights have never been so cheap

Flights to typical dream destinations that many of us yearn to visit in our lifetime are now even cheaper than ever before. With our fantastic offers you could wake up in the American wilds or on a Thai beach with sand between your toes in a flash.

Long-haul flight, but where to?

Many of us yearn to venture into the unknown, explore the world we live in, and get to know other countries and cultures. All you need to do is leave your comfort zone, choose a dream destination and book your flight.

Exotic Hawaii, Tokyo or South America are just 3 examples of the most exotic long haul destinations available. The world we live in has something to suit all tastes.

Adventures far afield

There are a great number of places in the world that might not be amongst the most popular destinations, but that are still worth exploring: Chile with its impressive landscapes for example. This South American country at the foot of the Andes is a must for all nature lovers and hobby photographers. Thanks to the sheer length of the country spanning from north to south along the Pacific Coast, Chile promises an abundance of very diverse experiences. While the north is dominated to a great extent by the heat of the Atacama desert, the south of the country is characteristically covered by rainforest, glaciers and an impressive lake district.

% = saving on average price of the last 90 days