Great deals for instant relaxation

We all know the scenario: work and the day-to-day trot get on top of you and before you know it another month has passed without leaving a trace. Fancy a change of scene?

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Cheap short breaks

You don't always have to take weeks off work for a relaxing holiday. Often a long weekend is more than enough to clear your mind and recharge your batteries. Head to a city in another part of the country or even further afield where a vast number of destinations make for a perfect short trip.

On this page you will find current deals for short breaks of up to 5 days.

Plan flights to make the most of your time

Choosing flight times well can squeeze out extra holiday hours even on the shortest of trips. Take an early flight and be at your destination in the morning with the whole day and evening ahead. Scheduling your return flight for the evening will leave you with almost the entire day to explore and enjoy your chosen destination before returning home to sink into bed with your head full of new impressions.

Take a short trip and return with a tan

Sun worshippers watch out: you don't have to wait for your annual leave to enjoy some sun. A short trip to Thessaloniki is enough to recharge your batteries while soaking up some rays. Greece's second largest city boasts a plethora of sights as well as a historic old town to counter the winter blues. A flight to Thessaloniki from London only takes three hours and the city captivates visitors with its cultural diversity and direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for a cheap short break then you can't go wrong. So book your flight and pack your bags!