Cheap city trips– great deals to European cities

City trips are becoming more popular day by day – whether for singles, couples, families or a group of friends – a trip to a city in Europe or even further afield guarantees a change of scene, adventure and relaxation.

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Explore cities for a bargain

A country's highlights, and social and cultural traditions are often to be found undiluted in cities. In addition, the vicinity of airports, fast and easy transfers to the city centre, and efficient local transport will help to make a city break as stress free and pleasant as possible. The flight offers on this page all have one thing in common: all destinations are worth a trip and, thanks to the great number of airports scattered throughout the United Kingdom, all these cities are easy to get to and therefore make for ideal destinations for your next city break.

Great destinations for a city break

Some cities may be beautiful and well suited for a weekend trip, but are not recommended for a longer break. And there are cities that can be explored for weeks on end without boredom setting in.

New York, Lisbon, London and Barcelona are all examples of the latter. Boasting a wealth of sights and cultural venues, these cities are the perfect destination for a longer city trip. So after a flight of less than three hours you could land in the warmth of Barcelona, enjoy the impressive architecture of this Spanish city on a historical city tour, spend some time on the beach and end the day taking a stroll along the famous promenade "La Rambla". Even those with a tight schedule and the aim of exploring as much of the city as is possible will find that Barcelona is a very diverse place with enough to offer for several visits.

Many cities captivate visitors with special cultural events

Special events often attract travellers to cities.The annual Carnival of Cultures, a multicultural festival held in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin during Whitsun, is a real crowd-puller. Up to one million visitors flock through the streets to follow the colourful street parade.

If you want to get to know Chinese culture better and don't want to fly halfway around the globe, don't miss the Chinese New Year celebrations in London's Chinatown – pure Far East – which takes place on changing dates between the end of January and February.