Book last minute flights and take off

If there is a maximum period of two weeks between booking a flight and the start of the journey, this clearly falls into the popular last minute category. With a bit of spontaneity it's not just possible to find great flight deals, but also to have a fantastic holiday at the spur of the moment.

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Cheap spontaneous holidays

It's good to know that always has a selection of flight offers to hand for such occasions.

For many travellers the decision to book a last minute flight is not just grounded on a wish to save money, but also based on a desire for a change of scene without the need to make longterm plans. The exciting feeling of booking a flight in the knowledge that your bags will be packed almost immediately results in a special kind of anticipation for the impending holiday.

On this page we have collected interesting last minute flight deals where you embark on your journey within 2 weeks.

The best deals for a last minute holiday

Especially towards the end of the season, irrespective of whether it is a summer or a winter holiday, many providers will lure potential travellers with almost outrageously cheap flight offers. Finding a cheap holiday is therefore not always inevitably a question of long research, but rather one of good timing. It is, however, often still worthwhile looking during the holiday season itself to see what the travel market has to offer. More often than not, airlines and travel agents still have spare flights on offer for enormously reduced prices at short notice. Popular destinations for last minute flights include Punta Cana in the Caribbean, Turkey, Dubai and Egypt

How about a last minute holiday in Mallorca?

Mallorca has always been a popular tourist magnet. And it's no secret that besides sandy beaches, blue skies and crystal clear water, the Balearic Island also boasts a host of party options.

Magaluf, with its countless bars and clubs, is a perfect destination for those looking for a maximum of sun and fun. White sandy beaches guarantee plenty of opportunity to recuperate after spending the night out on the town partying hard in one of the clubs and bars on the Punta Balena strip.