Departures London (LCY, LGW, LHR, LTN, STN, SEN) (LON)

Departures flight plan for Sunday, 17 October 2021*
Flight route
London - Edinburgh
Embraer E90
Airline (Flight number): British Airways (BA8716)
London - Amsterdam
Airbus 320
Airline (Flight number): easyJet (U28883)
London - Edinburgh
Airbus 320
Airline (Flight number): British Airways (BA1462), Finnair (AY5967), Iberia (IB7584), LATAM Chile (LA5568), Malaysia Airlines (MH9834), Qatar Airways (QR6278)
London - Jersey
Airbus 319
Airline (Flight number): British Airways (BA2778), Iberia (IB7661)
London - Luxembourg
De Havilland DH4
Airline (Flight number): Luxair (LG4598)
London - Belfast
Airbus 320
Airline (Flight number): easyJet (U2189)
London - Milan-Malpensa
Airbus 320
Airline (Flight number): easyJet (U28199)
London - Glasgow
Airbus 319
Airline (Flight number): British Airways (BA1494), Finnair (AY5975), Iberia (IB7595), LATAM Chile (LA5569), Qatar Airways (QR5956)
London - Larnaca
Airbus 320
Airline (Flight number): Wizz Air (W64459)
London - Manchester
Airbus 320
Airline (Flight number): British Airways (BA1358)
London - Antalya
Boeing 738
Airline (Flight number): Corendon Airlines (XC8150)
London - Malta
Airline (Flight number): Air Malta (KM103), Etihad Airways (EY7293)
London - Belfast
Airbus 320
Airline (Flight number): easyJet (U2839)
London - Copenhagen
Airline (Flight number): British Airways (BA822), Royal Jordanian (JL7719), Japan Airlines (LA5528), LATAM Chile (MH9804), Malaysia Airlines (RJ3011)
London - Durham
Embraer ER3
Airline (Flight number): British Airways (LM560), Loganair (BA4077)
London - Dubai
Airline (Flight number): Qantas Airways (EK4), Emirates Airline (QF8004)
London - Abu Dhabi
Boeing 789
Airline (Flight number): Air Canada (EY18), Air New Zealand (AC6678), TAP Air Portugal (JU7588), Air Malta (KM2153), Etihad Airways (NZ4298), Air Serbia (TP6900), Flynas (XY3018)
London - Copenhagen
Boeing 73H
Airline (Flight number): Norwegian Air International (D83521)
London - Oslo
Boeing 73H
Airline (Flight number): Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY1313)
London - Singapore
Airbus 359
Airline (Flight number): Air New Zealand (SQ319), SAS Scandinavian Airlines (FJ5950), Singapore Airlines (GA8971), TAP Air Portugal (NZ3319), Fiji Airways (SK8039), Garuda Indonesia (TP8403), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS7970)
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463 cheap direct flights to & from London (LON)

Flight London (LON) - Dubai (DXB)
British Airways (BA109, BA107), Emirates Airline (EK12, EK30, EK6, EK8, EK32), Qantas Airways (QF8012)
Flight London (LON) - Tirana (TIA)
British Airways (BA2648, BA2650), Wizz Air UK (W94465)
Flight London (LON) - Vienna (VIE)
Air Canada (AC6198, AC6186, AC6200), Austrian Airlines (OS452, OS458), United Airlines (UA9846), Japan Airlines (JL7729), British Airways (BA706)
Flight London (LON) - Brussels (BRU)
British Airways (BA404, BA398, BA396, BA392), Japan Airlines (JL7705, JL6527, JL7769), American Airlines (AA6425)
Flight London (LON) - Toronto (YYZ)
Westjet (WS4), Emirates Airline (EK4719), Air Canada (AC849, AC859, AC857), Finnair (AY5999), British Airways (BA99), Iberia (IB7341)
Flight London (LON) - Zurich (ZRH)
British Airways (BA716, BA718, BA710, BA712), LATAM Chile (LA5580), American Airlines (AA6565, AA6354), Japan Airlines (JL6533)
Flight London (LON) - Geneva (GVA)
British Airways (BA738, BA730, BA728, BA724, BA2736, BA736), LATAM Chile (LA5571), Japan Airlines (JL7707)
Flight London (LON) - Beijing International (PEK)
Air China (CA788, CA856, CA938), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS7940, VS7938, VS7956), British Airways (BA39, BA1039)
Flight London (LON) - Prague (PRG)
British Airways (BA852, BA856, BA858, BA860), Japan Airlines (JL6541, JL7723, JL7855), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX7123)
Flight London (LON) - Cologne (CGN)
Eurowings (EW469, EW461, EW465, EW355), Air Canada (AC6948, AC6952), United Airlines (UA9646, UA9671)
Flight London (LON) - Frankfurt (FRA)
British Airways (BA912, BA902, BA916, BA904, BA910), Japan Airlines (JL7873, JL7821), American Airlines (AA6498)
Flight London (LON) - Munich (MUC)
British Airways (BA960, BA956, BA948, BA952, BA954), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX7163), American Airlines (AA6386), Japan Airlines (JL7713)
Flight London (LON) - Copenhagen (CPH)
British Airways (BA820, BA816, BA812), Japan Airlines (JL7775, JL7777), Finnair (AY5906, AY5920, AY5898)
Flight London (LON) - Cairo (CAI)
Iberia (IB7368), British Airways (BA155), Air Canada (AC6512, AC6510), Egyptair (MS778, MS780), TAP Air Portugal (TP7017), United Airlines (UA7718)
Flight London (LON) - Barcelona (BCN)
British Airways (BA484, BA480, BA2708, BA472, BA482), Japan Airlines (JL7743, JL7161), Vueling Airlines (VY7841)
Flight London (LON) - Majorca (PMI)
British Airways (BA2570, BA2572, BA8483, BA496), Qatar Airways (QR5930), Iberia (IB7700), easyJet (U22273, U28629)
Flight London (LON) - Gran Canaria Las Palmas (LPA) (LS1507), easyJet (U28691, U28693), TUI Airways (BY4496, BY4126, BY4680), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1068), British Airways (BA488)
Flight London (LON) - Malaga (AGP)
British Airways (BA2716, BA2712, BA454, BA2714, BA2550), Japan Airlines (JL6545), Qatar Airways (QR5925), American Airlines (AA6499)
Flight London (LON) - Tenerife South (TFS)
British Airways (BA2730, BA2664, BA2702), Iberia (IB7654), (LS1663, LS1493), easyJet (U28703), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1012)
Flight London (LON) - Ibiza (IBZ)
Iberia (IB7456, IB7690, IB7688), British Airways (BA452, BA8461, BA8463), Qatar Airways (QR5927), easyJet (U22093)

London (LCY, LGW, LHR, LTN, STN, SEN) Airport

Airport London (LCY, LGW, LHR, LTN, STN, SEN)
LON is the IATA Metropolitan Code used for the six London airports serving the area in and around London. Together, the airports handle 60% of all air traffic in the United Kingdom. Popular from London airports are flights to New York.

The airports are:
All these airports are within relatively easy reach of the centre of London, Luton airport and Stansted airport are to the north; Gatwick airport is south of London and Heathrow airport is in the suburbs to the west. Depsite being located almost 40 miles from London, Southend airport counts as one of the six main London airports.
  • Time zone: GMT 0
  • Nearby cities: London (3 km), Watford (25 km), Slough (29 km), Woking (33 km), Crawley (43 km), Basildon (45 km), Luton (46 km), Chelmsford (52 km), Gillingham (52 km), Reading (58 km)
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (0.00%), Tuesday (0.00%), Wednesday (0.00%), Thursday (0.00%), Friday (0.00%), Saturday (0.00%), Sunday (0.00%)
  • Alternative spelling: Lọndọnu, Londar, Londen, Londres, Londrez, Londra, Londyn, Llundain, Lontoo, Lunnainn, Lākana, Londonas, Luân Đôn, Londn, Лондан, Лондон, Лёндан, Лондонъ, Λονδίνο, ลอนดอน, ロンドン, লন্ডন, લંડન, लंदन, ಲಂಡನ್, ລອນດອນ, ലണ്ടൻ, लण्डन, ਲੰਡਨ, ලන්ඩන්, இலண்டன், లండన్

All airports in London are easy to reach using public transport as well as by car.

Heathrow Airport: The underground Piccadilly line operates from terminals 1, 2 and 3 and takes around 30 minutes to reach London. The fastest option is to use the Heathrow Express from Terminal 1, 2 and 3 to Paddington station taking around 15 mins. Heathrow is on the M4 (junction 4) or the M25 (junction 15).

Gatwick Airport: The Gatwick express takes passengers from the South Terminal to Victoria Station in approx. 30 minutes. By car, the journey can take about an hour.

Stansted Airport: Stansted Express trains take ca. 45 minutes to reach Liverspool Street station. The journey takes roughly 60 minutes by car.

From Luton airport take the shuttle to Luton Airport Parkway then a train to St. Pancras (40 minutes).

Southend Airport is located in Kent. However, the airport is relatively easy to reach by train, the journey only taking an hour at peak times.

London City: The airport is located centrally and easy to get to using the DLR services.