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With a strongly cosmopolitan feel, and lots of fun, lively street life and golden beaches, Tel Aviv is a good destination for a beach holiday and for some sightseeing. Ancient and religious monuments are popular and the Bauhaus collection of architecture dating from the early 20th century is wonderful.

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Tel Aviv has an all year mild climate but can get ferociously hot in Summer and a bit wet in Winter so try to visit in April/October. With a Jewish feel, the Sabbath lasts from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening - during which almost everything is shut. Passover is in March/April (exodus from Egypt), and Rosh Hashanah is celebrated in September; Yom Kippur in September or October. Hanukkah is celebrated in December and is the festival of lights. With all festivals, exact dates vary.

Useful Tel Aviv information

No visas are needed for tourist visits lasting up to 3 months, but visitors should keep the stamped entry card they are given when they arrive until they leave, and passports need to be valid for at least 6 months from entry date. 

Usual vaccines should be up to date, and advised are: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Rabies. Do haggle in markets as the prices are usually way too high. Snacks such as falafel (chickpeas and spices) will cost about 15 ILS and a restaurant meal is from around 30 ILS. A beer is around 10 ILS. 

How to get from the airport to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv airport to the centre by taxi takes about 20 minutes and is 140 ILS: The trains leave at 30/60 minute intervals from Terminal 3. Price is 14 ILS with the journey taking 20 min or so. A bus 5 from "Egged" goes to the El Al crossroads (motorway 40), from there passengers should take the public city bus. A hostel bed in shared rooms is from about 90 ILS and a single room will cost from around 180 ILS. The public transport system is good and a 'Rav-Tav Ticket' which is a rechargeable chip card for buses, gives you 20% off normal fares. A single ticket will be about 6.90 ILS. For transport around town, a Sherut shared taxi is about 6 - 8 ILS, and they add a 20% surcharge at night. However, choose these taxis as other ones tend to be more expensive.

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