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Popular flight routes

Popular flight routes are particularly frequently used connections from one airport to another. Since demand determines supply, very popular connections are served by a number of airlines. Therefore, it is always worth comparing prices, because when competition is high, prices will usually drop. Therefore, the chances of finding a cheap flight on a particularly popular flight route are very high. For example, one of the top flight routes is the connection from London Heathrow to the USA. If you look for flights here, you will find numerous offers by a great number of different airlines. Flights from Manchester airport are also very popular, whether to Paris or to sunnier climes such as Spain. For some flight routes, it may come as a surprise at first that these in particular count as popular routes, such as the Manchester to Antalya route. No surprise, however, is the route from London to Paris, which is used by business travellers and holidaymakers alike. Sun-seekers will find plenty of cheap deals from London to Malaga Airport in Spain. Portugal's capital Lisbon and Barcelona in Spain are further popular destinations, whether from London or Manchester Airport for example. Airlines also compete for customers on flights from Edinburgh or those to Bangkok for instance. The route from London to Lima in Peru is also popular.



Filter options when searching for flight routes

When searching for flight routes, there is the option of looking for an outbound flight or a return flight. If a user wishes to fly with a specific airline, this can be selected so that results from other airlines are excluded from the outset. Those who do not wish to change flights can choose the option "direct flights only". Flights with one or more stops will then not be listed in the search results. Flexible customers are best off searching not only for routes from one airport to another, but in general for flights from the country of departure, such as the United Kingdom, to the destination country, such as Spain, Greece, Italy or Thailand. This way, many more results are displayed and the customer may even get a flight for a much lower price.

International ranking of the most popular flight routes

Incidentally, around 160 people worldwide use an aeroplane every second, with certain routes far ahead in a global comparison. In the international ranking of the most popular flight routes of the World Air Transport Association (IATA), the most popular flight route worldwide is Hong Kong - Taipei, and most of the top routes are also within Asia. Outside Asia, the flight route from JFK Airport in New York to London Heathrow Airport is one of the most frequently used. In the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal count amongst the most popular internationL destinations. Popular flight routes from the UK also go to Turkey, Ireland and Amsterdam.