World-class Shopping and Sunshine Abound in Dubai

Take in the warm sunshine and subtropical climate on your next visit to Dubai. Enjoy world-class shopping and local cultural events. 


Visit Dubai Year Round 

You can travel to Dubai at any time of the year thanks to the area's beautiful subtropical climate. Plan to visit between October and April when the temperatures are lower, typically ranging from 25° to 35°C. The temperatures during the summer months are usually much higher, even as high as 45° C. To experience some of the local culture, plan to be in Dubai on December 2 for National Day. Many Islamic holidays are hard to pin down as their dates vary from year to year. Eid is an important Islamic festival to mark the end of Ramadan and is in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. 


Know Before You Go 

British citizens have the option to apply for a 30-day visa when arriving in Dubai. Just do not overstay your visa, as there are fees. Before heading to Dubai, double check that your vaccinations are up to date. Be advised that during Ramadan you are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public during the day and that there are also very strict alcohol regulations in the UAE. 

Typically, Dubai is cheaper than London, with restaurant food prices averaging around 45 percent cheaper. Electronics are bargain buys in Dubai, but European imported items can be more expensive. You are also able to haggle in souks (markets). Dubai is on Gulf Standard Time, which is UTC/GMT +4 or three hours ahead of London.


Local Transport and Accommodations Tips

Dubai does offer several cheap public transport options, with a single ticket on the bus or metro averaging around 4 AED. Tourists can save about 50 percent by purchasing the convenient and cheap red ticket. This ticket allows no more than 10 journeys and is valid for up to 90 days. Metro prices are about 4 AED for a single zone, 6 AED for two and 8.50 AED for three. Taxi prices cost a bit more than public transportation but the cheaper petrol costs in the UAE allow prices to still be cheaper than in the UK. Once at the airport, head to terminals 1 and 3 for the red line metro, with stops every 10 minutes or catch the green line at the Airport Free Zone by terminal 2. Both metros run from Saturday to Thursday, 6 am and 11 pm and Fridays 1 pm to midnight. Catch the bus (numbers 4, 11, 15, 33 and 44) between 6 am and 10 pm at all terminals.

If you are looking for budget accommodation, stay in a hostel from around 100 AED in dorms. A single hotel room can cost you around AED 800. Book your accommodations early during the peak season from September to May.