Departures Tenerife, all Airports (TFS, TFN) (TCI)

Departures flight plan for Tuesday, 11 May 2021*
Flight route
Tenerife - La Palma
Avions de Transport Régional AT7
Airline (Flight number): Binter Canarias (NT627)
Tenerife - Barcelona
Airline (Flight number): Iberia (VY3209), Qatar Airways (IB5293), Vueling Airlines (QR3649)
Tenerife - Gran Canaria Las Palmas
Avions de Transport Régional AT7
Airline (Flight number): Binter Canarias (NT192)
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35 cheap direct flights to & from Tenerife (TCI)

Flight Manchester (MAN) - Tenerife (TCI) (LS917, LS755), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1866, MT1966, MT1218), TUI Airways (BY2106, BY2476), easyJet (U21907)
Flight Glasgow (GLA) - Tenerife (TCI)
Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1294, MT1242, MT1586, MT1504), (LS155, LS125), TUI Airways (BY1288, BY1572)
Flight Cologne (CGN) - Tenerife (TCI)
Eurowings (EW252), TUI fly (X32184), Corendon Airlines Europe (XR1060)
Flight Dusseldorf (DUS) - Tenerife (TCI)
Condor (DE1428), TUI fly (X32118, X32114), Eurowings (EW9558), Norwegian Air International (D86515), Laudamotion (OE2050, OE142), Germania (ST6246)
Flight Madrid (MAD) - Tenerife (TCI)
Avianca (AV6132), Iberia Express (I23944, I23940), Iberia (IB3944), LATAM Chile (LA7049), British Airways (BA7094), American Airlines (AA8780), Air Europa Lineas Aereas (UX9059)
Flight Malaga (AGP) - Tenerife (TCI)
Iberia (IB5600, IB5892), Vueling Airlines (VY3276, VY3278, VY3114), Air Europa Lineas Aereas (UX5404), Norwegian Air International (D86371, D85212)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - Malaga (AGP)
Air Europa Lineas Aereas (UX5403), Iberia (IB5599, IB5893, IB5493), Vueling Airlines (VY3277, VY3279, VY3115), Norwegian Air International (D86370)
Flight Alicante (ALC) - Tenerife (TCI)
Vueling Airlines (VY3102, VY1398), Iberia (IB5009, IB8908, IB5868), Norwegian Air International (D86383, D85250), Air Europa Lineas Aereas (UX4124)
Flight Granada (GRX) - Tenerife (TCI)
Iberia (IB5202, IB5959, IB5549), Vueling Airlines (VY3117, VY3289)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - La Palma (SPC)
Binter Canarias (NT639, NT627, NT605, NT623, NT637, NT619, NT621, NT607)
Flight Lanzarote (ACE) - Tenerife (TCI)
Binter Canarias (NT475, NT469, NT457, NT471, NT455, NT485, NT473, NT453)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - Granada (GRX)
Iberia (IB5515, IB5570, IB5958), Vueling Airlines (VY3116, VY3288)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - Birmingham (BHX) (LS1294, LS1266), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1133, MT1223, MT1773), TUI Airways (BY7741, BY7455, BY7285)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - Manchester (MAN) (LS918, LS756), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1867, MT1967, MT1219), TUI Airways (BY2107, BY2477), easyJet (U21908)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - London Gatwick (LGW)
British Airways (BA2731, BA2665, BA2703), Iberia (IB7655), easyJet (U28704, U28710), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1013, MT1913)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - East Midlands (EMA) (LS634, LS652), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1235, MT1447, MT1607), TUI Airways (BY7729, BY7261, BY7581)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - London Stansted (STN) (LS1664, LS1494), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1067, MT1285, MT1117), TUI Airways (BY5275, BY5553)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - London Luton (LTN)
easyJet (U22038), TUI Airways (BY5291, BY5545)
Flight Tenerife (TCI) - Doncaster Sheffield (DSA)
TUI Airways (BY3547, BY3141, BY3245)

Tenerife, all Airports (TFS, TFN) Airport

TCI is the code used for the two airports on Tenerife (TFN, TFS). There are two commercial airports on the island. Tenerife Sur (TFS) is the airport in the south of the island and a convenient starting point for the resorts along the south coast such as Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americanos. The airport in the more mountainous lesser known north is easily accessible form the popular holiday towns of Puerto de la Cruz and La Laguna. Popular flights from the UK. e.g. flights to Tenerife from Manchester and London-Tenerife transport British holidaymakers to the popular beach resorts in the south of Tenerife.
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  • Time zone: GMT 0
  • Nearby cities: La Laguna (31 km), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (36 km)
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (0.00%), Tuesday (0.00%), Wednesday (0.00%), Thursday (0.00%), Friday (0.00%), Saturday (0.00%), Sunday (0.00%)
  • Alternative spelling: Teneryfa, Tenerife, Тэнэрыфэ, Тенеріфе, Тенерифе, Τενερίφη, Տեներիֆե, ტენერიფე, تنريف, تنریفه, تينيريفي, ٹینرائف, טענעריפע, তেনেরিফে, तेनरीफ़, เตเนรีเฟ, 테네리페 섬, テネリフェ島, 特内里费岛, 特內里費, טנריף