Malta, historically rich and deeply intriguing

Malta, one of Europe's most treasured destinations, is home to prehistoric relics, magical underwater caverns and idyllic sandy beaches with the bluest of waters. 


Best time to visit Malta

Malta is a wonderful location to visit all year round, although the best beach weather occurs from April to October. In the summer time, the weather tends to be dry and hot, while winters are generally wet and windy. 

Being a Catholic country, Malta celebrates the usual Christian holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, and at the end of June, the harvest festival Mnarja is held. Various villages also hold festivals in honour of their patron saints throughout the year. 


Pre-travel tips and advice

The island of Malta is by far larger and busier than Gozo and Comino. Gozo is known to be very quiet, while much of the land in Comino is a nature reserve. Malta's capital city, Valletta, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built in the 16th and 17th centuries, by the Knights of St. John. 

The cost of living is fairly inexpensive in Malta, in comparison to most other European countries and you should be able to enjoy a meal in a restaurant for around only 10 euros. 


Transportation to and around the city and accommodation

The airport is situated around 3 miles from the capital, Valletta, and there are excellent public transport connections available from it. All airport services begin with the letter X, like the buses X4, X5 and X7. These provide services to Valletta, day and night.

Official white taxis charge around 10 to 30 euros from the airport, depending on the destination travelled to.  

If on a budget, you should be able to rent shared accommodation in a hostel for about 15 euros during less busy seasons.

You'll pay around 70 euros for a double room in a 3 star hotel. 

Arriva bus tickets are valid to use on buses for up to 2 hours. During the winter, tickets cost approx. 1.50 euros, 2 euros in the summer, and 3 euros at night, and all are available to purchase directly from the driver. 

A 7-day prepaid card for an adult will cost around 21 euros. 

Official white taxis cost about 15 euros for short journeys, although if you want to travel around the island for sightseeing activities car hire is still the best option.

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