Unique historical capital 

The vast number of relaxing cafés, bars and restaurants, idyllic riverside settings and interesting historical landmarks all combine to make the Czech Republic's capital a place worth visiting throughout the year. 


Best time to visit the Czech capital 

The best time to travel is between May and September as the weather is predictably nice. Prague is a cultural capital and theatre festivals, art exhibitions and music festivals take place all year round. Wine and beer festivals and street festivals are also regularly scheduled. Public holidays including Easter and Christmas are the same as the UK. 


Some information about Prague 

There are a number of interesting neighbourhoods to consider visiting in Prague. Holeovice, Bubeneč & Dejvice is where you'll find the emerging art scene, art exhibitions and galleries. 

Smíchov is well known for its range of popular pubs and nightlife while nearby Vyehrad is also home to a lot of pubs and dominated by the large ancient castle.

The liveliest neighbourhoods in Prague are Zizkov and Karlin. Zizkov is home to more bars than any other district of Prague as well as two of the most prominent city landmarks, the National Monument and the TV Tower. 

In Bubeneč & Dejvice, you'll find a large number of luxury hotels and upper class restaurants. The district is also home to Stromovka, the city's largest park. 

Lunch can be bought for approximately 120 CZK, beer for around 35 CZK and soft drinks for about 30 CZK. Supermarket groceries are also much cheaper than in Britain. 


Local information, accommodation and transport in Prague 

Shuttle buses, public buses and taxis connect Prague's airport to the city centre. Single shuttle bus journeys cost approximately 150 CZK and take 30 minutes. Public bus tickets cost approximately 32 CZK and can take between 20-90 minutes depending upon time of day. Taxis to the city centre cost approximately 600 CZK. 

Per night, travellers can expect to pay around 250 CZK for hostel accommodation and approximately 600 CZK for 3 star hotels (per person). 

For metro, bus, tram and ferry travel, single fare prices are dependent upon the number of zones travelled and the timescale. The cheapest tickets cost around 12 CZK and are valid for a 15 minute journey across two zones. 

All zone travel tickets can cost between 24 CZK and 84 CZK. Day travel cards and three day passes are available for 110 CZK and 310 CZK respectively. Taxi fares cost approximately 120 CZK for the first 3km then 30 CZK for each additional km.