Favourite airline: KLM
50 % of bookings on this flight route are made with KLM, Air France and easyJet.
30 %
Air France
10 %
10 %
Direct flights are the cheapest connection
Flights with a stopover are on average £15.00 more expensive than direct flights.
non stop flight
1 stop
2 stops
02h 00min
14h 00min
09h 50min
Favourite connection: via Amsterdam
50 % of tickets booked on this route are for flights via Amsterdam.
1 stopover Amsterdam Schiphol
14h 00min, from £139
50 %
1 stopover Paris - Charles de Gaulle
06h 25min, from £402
33 %
Direct flights
02h 00min, from £124
17 %

Prague: beautiful and vibrant City

Known as the City of a Thousand Spires, Prague is a contemporary European city where ancient and modern blend. Tourists flock to the Lennon Wall and Prague Castle, the world's biggest ancient castle.  



Best time for travelling to Prague

Climate-wise, the best period for visiting Prague is from May to September. Visiting for festival time is all year round, as there are music and theatre festivals, art exhibitions as well as sporting events throughout the year. You also find beer and wine or street food festivals. Christmas and Easter are celebrated at the same times as in the UK.


Tips before you leave for Prague

Areas of interest include Holeovice, Bubeneč and Dejvice with their emerging art scene. For pubs visit the Smíchov and Vyehrad areas. If you like lively areas then visit ikov and Karlin. Luxury hotels and good restaurants can be found in the Bubeneč and Dejvice areas.

You'll find Prague cheaper than the UK. Lunch will cost from around 120 CZK and beer is about 35 CZK. Soft drinks cost about 30 CZK. Food in the supermarkets is also far less expensive than in the UK.


Prague local information

The 30 minute shuttle bus journey from Prague Airport to the city centre costs about 150 CZK for a single fare. Or take Bus 100 to the Zličín metro station -- Metro B line, or Bus 119 to Nádraí Veleslavín Metro A station. The night bus is number 510, and the single fare is about 32 CZK. The journey takes approximately 90 minutes during the day and about 20 to 30 minutes at night. Taxi fares into the city centre are around 600 CZK.

Hostel accommodation starts from around 250 CZK per night. Three star hotels start from around 600 CZK per person per night. Public transport comprises metros, buses, trams, and ferries. A single fare depends on the number of zones you travel in, but starts from around 12 CZK for 2 zones - valid for 15 minutes, going up to about 84 CZK for 11 zones - valid for 300 minutes. An all zones single fare is around 32 CZK for 90 minutes and 24 CZK for 30 minutes. A day travelcard costs about 110 CZK, while a 3 day pass costs about 310 CZK. Taxi fares start from around 120 CZK for 3 km, and then about 30 CZK per km.