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Tip: book 3 weeks before departure
The best time to buy tickets is 3 weeks before the flight. Pay only £196.00.
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Colombo's appeal

Located in Sri Lanka, the remarkable metropolitan area of Colombo is home to six million people. It is an area with a rich history, with ancient architecture dotted throughout the landscape. If you are planning a visit here are some things you need to know.  

Best time for a trip to Colombo 

Colombo has a pleasing climate except for a larger amount of rainfall. If you prefer cooler temperatures and dryer weather the best time to travel is between January and March. One well-known festival centres around a relic that is supposed to be Buddha's tooth. The item is carried in a procession throughout the Kandy region of Colombo. 

Colombo - Before you travel 

If you are a British citizen you will need a visa before your arrival. Your passport will need to be valid for six months and your vaccinations should include those for Hepatitis A, typhus, tetanus, rabies and diphtheria. Visitors should remember to not turn their back on any of the numerous Buddha statues throughout the country. Prices in Sri Lanka are much lower than they are in the U.K. Snacks from the street will generally run from about 100 LKR and for lunch at a decent restaurant expect to pay from 750 LKR upwards. The underrated beer selection of Sri Lanka will generally set the visitor back about 200 LKR. 

Useful Colombo facts 

You can take Intercity bus number 187 to the main station and the journey will usually take from around 40 to 60 minutes depending on traffic. You can expect to pay about 110 LKR for this transportation. At less busy times of the year, visitors can expect to pay about 1000 LKR in shared room hostels. A more luxurious, private hotel room may cost about 5000 LKR. Although buses are cheaper than "tuk-tuks" (what the locals call taxis) the latter is usually a safer and much more practical alternative. The metered tuk-tuks are the best transport option and start at 50 LKR and will generally run from 200 LKR for 5 km and 250 LKR for 6 km. Finally, train tickets to destinations outside of Colombo should be reserved well in advance.

Flight information Abu Dhabi - Colombo
Flight details Abu Dhabi - Colombo
  • Flight duration: min. 04:30 / max. 04:30
  • Distance: 3304 km
  • Flights per week: 16
  • Return flight duration: min. 04:45 / max. 04:50
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