Flights to Pisa

Pisa travel tips

Home of the leaning wonder

Known mainly for its "leaning Tower", the bell tower in Piazza del Duomo, Pisa is a beautiful, water side city in Tuscany. Like many Italian cities it fuses the present with the past, from its ancient architecture shown in piazzas, churches and universities to modern events such as its Internet Festival.

Organising your trip

There are many cultural and entertainment events in Pisa throughout the year, but you may want to consider booking your trip during Carnival in February or for Luminara di San Ranieri with a famous regatta on 17th June. Summers may be too warm for some and rainy. The best weather comes in spring, not too warm, not too wet.

Planning to go to Pisa

Pisa is a popular tourist destination, and as such you have to be careful of your valuables during your visit. A good tip to remember is that Pisa Centrale train station connects Pisa directly with other cities you can visit such as Florence.

Once you are there

Prices in Pisa are in general lower than those in London. You can find accommodation in hostels for around 14 € and could pay from about 50 € for a double room in a hotel. A meal in a cheapish restaurant can go for around 15 €, but you can enjoy fancy, expensive dining near most tourist attractions. Italian traffic makes walking around the city a good idea to save time. For example, you can take a taxi from the airport to the city centre for about 6-8 €, or a bus for around 1.20 € if you get your ticket at the arrivals hall counter, and get there in approximately 15 minutes. But if you travel light you can walk to the city centre in about 20 minutes. Rental cars are available and good for exploring other parts of Tuscany.