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Nice travel tips

Fun festival city

Nice is a nice little place to go, with festivals during all seasons and plenty to do and is also affordable to visit.

When to go...

The best time of year to experience Nice is any time between May and October - the warmer months of the year. For those of you who prefer winter travel, though, Nice's winters are mild - so there's no need to fear the biting cold.

For those willing to brave the colder months, February each year plays host to the "Carnaval de Nice", a colourful celebration of the city with parades and numerous events. Visitors who prefer the summer weather, July has two festivals - with the first two weeks being dedicated to a festival of jazz which has run each year since 1948, and on July 14th each year the whole country celebrates "Fête nationale française".

Before you go...

Plan ahead - food and groceries are generally a little cheaper than in the UK. When eating out, lunch at an average restaurant will cost you around EUR 15; a beer EUR 5, and a coffee, EUR 3.


While you're there...

Getting to Nice from the local airport is around 6 euros on the bus (one way) - or 30 euros in a taxi, if public transport is not an option. Buses and trams within the city start from EUR 1.50, with a seven day travelcard costing around fifteen euros. Taxis will cost around ten euros for the first three km, with around an additional two euros per km after that - though they will get more expensive at night (from around 6pm-7am).

Accommodation is reasonably priced, with a hostel bed available from around 20 euros (based on a shared room). Local three star hotels are a little more expensive, starting at around 50 euros per person per night.