Flights to Milan Malpensa

Milan Malpensa travel tips

Milan: sophisticated and bustling city

Milan is renowned for its elegance in design, fashion and industry. Visitors will also find it full of history and fun with a wealth of entertainment, magnificent shopping precincts, cafés and restaurants, and historic sites.

When is it best to visit Milan?

Milan is an excellent year-round travel destination, although visitors should be prepared for high humidity and temperatures of up to 30 degrees in summer and possibly snow in winter. Spring and autumn are very pleasant times for the weather, but rain gear is necessary.

The Festival of Culture in early spring is a week when all the city's museums and galleries have free admission. White Night in mid-summer lasts until six in the morning with a night full of varied activities. In winter, the 'Oh Bej Oh Bej' Festival in Piazza Sant'Ambrogio fills the square with music and market stalls and coincides with the glamorous opening of La Scala Opera's season.


What to note before travelling to Milan

Il Quadrilatero della moda' is the city's fashionable shopping destination. The cost of living in Milan is very high and eating out in the city centre is generally very expensive. Look for suburban cafés and restaurants for better food at a reasonable price. Getting around the city is easy with efficient public transport. Metro lines, tram and bus information in English can be found online. The time zone is GST +1.

How many airports are there in Milan?

There are three airports serving Milan. From Malpensa transport take trains from Terminal 1, Level 1 (these reach the centre in 45 min). Buses depart from Terminal 1 or 2 (travel time 50 min); taxis go from Terminal 1 and 2 (50 minutes into centre). The airport is located 40 km from the centre of Milan.

Local transport within Milan is best with a 24-hour ticket, taxis are usually slower and more expensive. There is a wide variety of accommodation and Bed and Breakfast style rooms are cheaper than multi-star hotels.