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Inverness is a lovely location to visit on your next holiday. Come for a festival and plant to stay a while. Local accommodations are easy to find at a reasonable price, as well

Best Time to Visit Inverness

Inverness is dry in comparison to many of the other parts of Scotland.

The area's average low in winter is about 1°C. In the summer, average highs are around 18°C. Visit Inverness in January for Burns night and enjoy some haggis and poetry. Or travel to the area in March for the 10-day-long Inverness Music Festival.

Know Before You Go

The cost of living in Inverness is slightly lower than that in Edinburgh. The prices are much lower than in London. A basic restaurant meal costs around £9, while a beer will run about £2.80 a pint.

Local Inverness Information

When looking for transport from the airport to the city centre, there are a few decent options. The Inverness Airport is located in Dalcross. A taxi from the airport to central Inverness costs around £15. If you take a stagecoach bus, take No. 11. The fastest service takes around half an hour and single tickets cost around £3.50. When looking for a place to stay, you will find the usual hotel chains available in the city, with a mid-price room costing approximately £100 for a double room. You will pay about £15 for a dormitory accommodation in hostels. Stagecoach bus day travelcards: zone 1 about £3.70 / city zone 4: around £13.00.