Mystical Inverness

More than just the gateway to Nessie and magical castles, Inverness is home to idyllic country cottages which is synonymous with the Scottish landscape. The highlands of Scotland are a must on any itinerary with Inverness as the main attraction. Be sure to visit Craig Phadrig and St Andrew's Cathedral to experience the cultural heart of this quaint city.


Inverness annual temperatures and celebrations

Fairly dry when compared with the rest of Scotland, Inverness is fairly cold during the winter months with an average temperature of about one degree above zero. Summer warms up to a pleasant 18°C. January is a great time to be in Inverness as it marks the Burns night of poetry inspired by his love for haggis. March sees the 10-day Inverness Music Festival.


Inverness on a budget

Those who are from London will be happy to know that Inverness is slightly less costly than Edinburgh, which in turn is substantially cheaper than London. Beers are available from around £2 a pint and a basic restaurant meal is around £9.


Getting from the airport into town and around Inverness

Transport from Inverness airport, which is located in Dalcross, via taxi to central Inverness costs around £15. A stagecoach will be around £3.50 for a single ticket. The trip will take at least half an hour for the fastest service. The stagecoach bus day travelcards fetch around £3.70 in city zone 1 and around £13 for all zones. Accommodation in the city is fairly affordable, with the mid-range hotel chains starting at around £100 for a double room. Dormitory rooms cost £15 or so in hostels.

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