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Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Area of China on the south coast of the North Chinese Sea and is part of the Peoples Republic of China.

The territory of Hong Kong is located on the estuary of Pearl River and extends to over 235 islands. Until 1st July 1997, it was a British Crown Colony. According to the set of guidelines developed by Deng Xiaoping, Hong Kong will be a market oriented trade zone for the next 50 years, thereby securing its position as an important financial and trade centre in Asia.

The climate in Hong Kong is tropical with an annual average temperature of 22 ° C. In the winter months between January and March it tends to be a little cooler, the warmest temperatures being between April and September. At this time it can get very hot and the air humidity can reach an uncomfortable 98 %. The short autumn between October and December is the best time to visit Hong Kong, as the climate at this time is constantly warm and dry.

The official and national language is Cantonese. In general, everyone understands English.

Hong Kong is well linked up with the Chinese railway network with regular connections to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dongguan

Hong Kong travel preparation and flights

Hepatitis A, polio, diphtheria and tetanus vaccines are normally recommended. Skin should be covered and a local insect repellent used to prevent infection with viruses spread by mosquitoes or other insects. Medical care in Hong Kong is good and comparable to European standards. Nevertheless, travellers should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance, as the cost of health care in Hong Kong can be very high.   

British nationals may stay in Hong Kong for up to six months without needing a visa. Single parents and those travelling alone with children should check laws governing entry to Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London before embarking on their journey. As a rule children will need their own passport, an entry in parents passport is however also possible.  

Further information on entry requirements, safety and immunisation is available on the Foreign Office homepage.

The international airport Chek Lap Kok is on the island of Lantau and was completed in 1998 after 6 years of construction work. It has been voted best airport on a regular basis and the passenger terminal measures a length of 1,270 metres (4,166 ft). The airport is one of the most important airports in Asia and is served on a daily basis by many international airlines. Within a flight time of 5 hours, almost half of the world’s population may be reached from here.

Hong Kong highlights

Due to the low taxes and the incredible choice of shopping facilities Hong Kong is a popular stop-over destination for many travelling on to Asia. There are however many other interesting places to visit besides the Victoria peak and the shopping facilities.

The car free Island  of Lamma  is the third largest island and Hong Kong’s green lung. It is set in wonderful tropical countryside with several bathing facilities and is accessed exclusively by ferry. The island New Territories with the Temple of the 1000 Buddhas is also very popular with day trippers. The pagoda contains more than 10,000 small Buddha statues with every figure taking on a different posture. There is also a large hall with an altar and a large gold-plated statue of the Buddha.

The permanent exhibition in the Hong Kong History Museum on the island of Kowloon gives a good overview of the historical development of the city. Opposite the historical museum is the science museum that is like an enormous laboratory and ideal for children as all kinds of buttons may be pressed and experiments conducted. Lovers of art should visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art. There is a permanent exhibition of Chinese antiquities and works of art from many eras.

Another destination popular for day trips is Macao, the peninsula may be reached in about 60 minutes by hydrofoil. As gambling, apart from horse racing, is prohibited in Hong Kong, thousands of gambling addicts make their pilgrimage every day to the neighbouring Chinese special administrative area.