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Barcelona - perfect for any time of the year

A warm climate, beautiful beaches and friendly people make Barcelona the ideal choice for couples and families to have an enjoyable break.

When best to travel to Barcelona

Barcelona is lucky enough to enjoy a warm climate all year round and, for this reason, travellers can plan to visit at any time that is convenient to them. There are a number of festivals happening in Barcelona, such as La Diada de Catalunya on the 11th September which is their Independence day. The Christmas celebrations in January, the Three Wise Men, and street parties in July are amongst many other fun things to see and do all year round.

Things to consider before travelling to Barcelona

The most commonly known regional cuisine is Pan Tomaca con Jamón Serrano which is a beautiful combination of bread and ham, something that everyone should try when in Barcelona. You will find that general costs are lower in Barcelona than you would find in any large UK city. Meals and food, in general, are much cheaper.

Some useful information about Barcelona

Barcelona is only one hour ahead of us here in the UK. It is a 12 km journey from the airport to the city centre. There are bus services running for less than 5 Euros or thereabouts. Accommodation is generally quite cheap, with good deals on hotel rooms at around 100 Euros per night. Hostels are available at a fraction of this cost, but quality levels obviously reduce. Public transport is the most affordable way to get around Barcelona, with a single ticket at around 3 Euros compared to about 15 - 20 Euros for a taxi. The native languages spoken are Spanish and Catalan. It may be worth brushing up on a few useful phrases before travel to help with any communication.

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