Popular Hyderabad

One of the technological hubs of India, Hyderabad is a hive of activity so synonymous with Indian cities. Culturally and historically dense, a few days are needed to discover the very best Hyderabad has to offer.


Best time for Hyderabad trips

The best time to travel to India would be during the cooler months of winter, which are a comfortable 15 to 29 degrees Celsius. Festivals are popular among tourists and locals alike. Ganesh Charturthi takes place during August or September and Bonalu during July or August. They also celebrate Eid al-Fitr and Eid al Adha and the popular Diwali in October.


Hyderabad travel preparations

Before travelling, it is important to plan well ahead. Passports need at least two blank pages and require a validity of at least 180 days. British passport holders must have a visa, however, British citizen passport holders may apply for an e-tourist Visa. A doctor should be consulted at least 2 months before leaving and the following vaccinations should be considered: Hepatitis A; Tetanus; Typhoid; Cholera; Diphtheria; Hepatitis B; Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies. Those who are familiar with Urdu should be able to converse well with the locals. The state language is Telugu, and Hindi is also spoken by many. Tourists should be aware of the User Development Fees (UDF) charged by a number of Indian airports. This is around Rs 1000 and is sometimes included in the airfare. Cost of living in Hyderabad is lower than that of Delhi and substantially lower than in the UK. A simple meal is around Rs 120 around Rs 250 at a restaurant.


Travel tips, accommodation and miscellaneous info

Travellers should negotiate their fare in advance for taxis and autos. The minimum payable for taxi and autos is usually around Rs 20 for 2 km and Rs 10 for every additional km travelled. Bus transport is priced from Rs 20, however, these are often crowded. Travel via Airport Liner costs around between Rs 100 - 250 one way. Radio taxis in front of the arrivals terminal will fetch around Rs 40 per km - at night plus 25 % surcharge between 11PM and 5AM. Accommodation is fairly cheap, fetching around Rs 1000 for cheap, Rs 2000 for average and Rs 3500 for luxury rooms. India is fast becoming a business hub and leisure travel hotspot.

Tip: book 5 months before departure
Tip: book flights on this route 5 months before departure and save up to 54 %.
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