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The home of the Maple Leaf

Toronto is the culinary treasure of North America, housing tourist hotspots around every corner. Featuring a world-class underground pedestrian system called PATH, exploring Toronto on foot is an easy way to get around.

Best of Toronto's Events 

One of the highlights on the Toronto annual calendar is the Caribana that takes place during the last week in July and the first week in August. This carnival is seen by over 1 million tourists per year, with over ten thousand performers dancing through the streets of Toronto. Other festivals include Victoria Day on the 24th of May, which include fireworks and Canada Day on the 1st of July. For those who appreciate theatre, music and culinary delights, the entire month of July will stimulate their senses. The first two weeks are dedicated to the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival and the second and third weeks are set aside for the Beaches International Jazz Festival with Gourmet Food Trucks. For those in the entertainment industry, the second and third weeks of September features a highlight on their calendars with the Toronto Film Festival. Toronto is plagued by icy winters, therefore, travelling during May and October is recommended.

Before You Travel - Visas, Customs and the Cost of Living

British Citizens generally don't need visas to travel to Canada, however, would need to declare any monetary value over 10,000 CAD brought into the country to customs. Holidays in Toronto are fairly affordable to British Citizens as the cost of living is lower than in Britain. A fairly decent lunch will set you back around 15 CAD and an accompanying beer another 6 CAD.

Local Information about Transport and Accommodation

Toronto features a well connected public transport system that will get you from the airport to the inner city in about 25 minutes. The preferred mode of transport is the Union Person Express train. A one-way ticket to the inner city will cost around 28 CAD. If you're looking to save a bit of money and don't mind the extra wait, bus 192, which forms part of TTC, will take you to Kipling Station for about 3 CAD. A taxi, on the other hand, will cost you about 60 CAD to take you to the inner city. Day-to-day travelling will really depend on how much you would like to spend and how fast you will need to get there. The TTC system is an interconnected transport system featuring buses and trams, operating underground as well. A single pass will cost approximately 3 CAD, daily around 12 CAD and weekly about 40 CAD. Taxis start from around 10 CAD for the first 3km or part thereof, with each subsequent kilometre charged at roughly 1.75 CAD per kilometre. 

Accommodation is available for a fair price, with hostels starting around 35 CAD per person per night. Bumping up the accommodation to a 3 star will set you back around 70 CAD per person per night.