Kozhikode - beautiful natural haven in Kerala

Kozhikode, one of the major cities in Kerala, has a long history of trading spices with merchants from all over the world. Nowadays, visitors can admire its temples and palaces, and enjoy numerous sports and water activities in or by the rivers and waterfalls. 


Kozhikode travel and events

The mildest weather can be found between December and March, which is the ideal period to visit Kozhikode. The climate is humid and tropical, with very hot weather from March to May, and the monsoon between June and November. In terms of events, all major Hindu festivals are celebrated such as Diwali, along with Shivarathri Utsavam in the Mahaganapathy temple in October, and Malabar Mahotsavam, a 5-day cultural festival with music, dance and drama, in January. 


Before your trip: important information

British passport holders need a visa and may be able to apply for an e-Tourist visa. The passport has to be valid for a minimum of 180 days when applying, with at least two blank pages. Vaccines recommended for the region of Kerala are hepatitis A, cholera, typhoid and diphtheria, polio, and tetanus. Some regions of India are also affected by malaria, and preventive measures should be taken if travelling there. It is recommended not to drink tap water. As for the cost of living, it is much lower than in London, and visitors can enjoy a basic meal for around Rs 50.


Arrival, transport and lodging

Calicut International Airport is located 28km from Kozhikode and travellers can take bus 747 from Kondotty bus stop, about 2km from the airport. The fare is about Rs 3-4 per kilometre. To travel around town, public transport includes buses, with tickets at around Rs 7 for 3km, and rickshaws, costing about Rs 15 per kilometre. In terms of lodging, it's best to stay by the beach, to avoid the noise and heavy traffic that can be found in other areas. The options range from budget accommodation, for approximately Rs 500, to luxury, with rooms starting at about Rs 4,200 a night.

Tip: book 4 months before departure
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