Johannesburg - A city that never fails to amaze

Johannesburg is definitely one of the most interesting cities in the world, but it is not for everyone. It is full of amazing sights, provides access to stunning nature and has one of the most vibrant atmospheres you will ever experience, but it can be a challenging place to visit.


See the best side of Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a good destination all year. The temperatures can be quite high during the summer, but it gets cooler in the winter. If you would like to see the liveliest edition of Johannesburg, visit on Freedom Day (27th of April), Heritage Day (24th of September) or during the Johannesburg Beer Festival, which takes place the first two weeks of October. You can enjoy the Johannesburg Carnival on 31st of December. 


Advice before you leave for Johannesburg

Make sure passports are valid for at least 30 days after the leaving date and that at least 2 blank pages are left blank at the time of entry and exit. British passport holders do not need a visa for tourist visits of up to 90 days. Before travelling, check with your GP whether vaccines are required. The cost of living in Johannesburg is on the whole lower than that in London and the UK. Restaurant prices are at around half the price of those in London. The crime levels are quite high. Travelling by minibus taxis is generally not recommended. In case of robbery or assault, travellers are advised to comply with attackers and refrain from self-defence. Johannesburg is on SAST time zone (UTC or GMT +2), which is an hour ahead of UK time in the summer and two hours ahead in the winter.


Useful local Johannesburg info

The Gautrain runs between the airport and city centre. A single ticket costs around 125 ZAR + 12 ZAR for the Gautrain Card. The journey takes around 30 minutes. Taxis into Johannesburg will cost around 400 ZAR. In general, taxi prices are around 10 ZAR per km, but taxis are rare and can be difficult to find in some areas. If you want to get around Johannesburg, you can take minibus taxis (generally only used by locals and not recommended) or buses (metro bus; single tickets cost from around 10 ZAR). Since there is a lack of designated bus stops, buses can be flagged down on main roads. A night in a guesthouse or hostel costs from around 300 ZAR and 3-star hotel prices start from around 700 ZAR per night per person.

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