Information on was founded as skypicker in April 2012 in the Czech Republic. The website enables customers to find and book the cheapest flights. By integrating a search for low-cost flights and the more traditional scheduled flight search, manages to find the cheapest option quickly and efficiently. The company checks prices from a variety of airlines including Wizz Air, Ryanair, Air Asia and Jestar for example.
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with: Delta Air Lines (DL0039, DL4408, DL4396), British Airways (BA2037), IBERIA (IB4679), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS0027, VS0015), American Airlines (AA6206)
with: British Airways (BA2648)
with: British Airways (BA2648), Belle Air (LZ0556)
with: British Airways (BA8461, BA8463, BA2726, BA8465), IBERIA (IB7569, IB7575), easyJet (U28647), Monarch Airlines (ZB0292)
with: British Airways (BA2158, BA2258), IBERIA (IB4718), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS0032, VS0088, VS0090, VS0098)
with: Gambia Bird (3G2310, 3G1600), Thomas Cook Airlines UK (MT1053, MT1033, MT1215)
with: British Airways (BA2649, BA2651)
with: British Airways (BA2158, BA2258), Caribbean Airlines (BW0902)
with: United Airways (Bangladesh) (4H0501), Etihad Airways (EY5402), Kuwait Airways (KU0905), Regent Airways (RX0731), NovoAir (VQ0951)
with: Pegasus Airlines (PC0831, PC0833)
with: Maastricht Airlines (W22009), Germania (ST4938), Air Méditerranée (ML2009)
with: Maastricht Airlines (W23602, W23606), WOW Air (X90602, X90606)
with: easyJet (U25037)